Get Involved

Developing our education programs and keeping up the shop keeps us busy. We are always on the lookout for any help you can provide – donate your time, your money or even your old bike. Your donations help us give back the community and make a direct impact on the lives of local children, providing them with entrepreneurial skills, knowledge, new friendships, and fun.

Interested? Here are the top 5 ways to get involved:

1. Become a Phoenix supporter. Your donations and shop purchases help us expand our programs and launch education programs for more local youth. Learn more about supporting Phoenix Bikes and its commitment to the social, environmental, and physical health of the DC Metro area. Please consider making a donation.

2. Donate equipment for the shop. We are regularly in need of the following consumable items:

  • Non-perishable snacks for youth in after school program & youth rides
  • Nitrile gloves (size small/medium/large)
  • Headlamps or flashlights (great for working on hard to see spots on bikes)
  • Metric wrenches (8mm, 9mm, 10mm)
  • 3-way metric Allen keys (size 4/5/6)
  • Solvents (Simple Green or similar, WD40, Denatured Alcohol)
  • Steel wool (#000, #0000 size)
  • Medium sand paper
  • Wire brushes
  • Rags
  • Sign & sticker printing
  • Office supplies, esp. permanent markers
  • OR Checkout our wish list on Amazon
Other wish list items include:
  • Bicycle floor pumps in working order
  • Tall stools, adjustable preferred
  • Shop mop
  • Leaf rake
  • Snow shovel
3. Volunteer! There are many ways to volunteer with the Phoenix Bikes team. Your strength may be teaching, riding, web development, community outreach, or fixing bikes, perhaps even data entry!


4. Recycle your bikes and bike parts. Old or new, we are always grateful for donations of quality used bikes and new and used bike parts.

5. Yammer. Gab. Chat. Tell everyone you know. Tell people you don’t know. Your verbal support helps get our programs off the ground and lets us include more kids in future activities. And then join us on social media: “like” our status updates, “follow” our Tweets and Instagram posts (phoenix_bikes), and give us praise on Yelp. We’ll do the same for you.