Off-Site Programs

Phoenix Bikes conducts twelve-week Earn-A-Bike programs at schools, apartment complexes and community centers for majority underserved populations. Youth mechanics spend the first nine weeks learning basic skills at their site. For the last three, they’re transported to our shop to build their very own bike. For an outline of our off-site curriculum, click here.

Program partners have included Hoffman-Boston Elementary School; Gunston, Jefferson, Leesburg, Kenmore, Swanson, and Williamsburg Middle Schools; Arlington Mill, Wakefield, Washington-Lee and Falls Church High Schools; Greenbrier Learning Center, Buckingham Gardens (BU-GATA), Buchanan Gardens Apartments (APAH), Arlington Mill Apartments (APAH), Columbia Grove Apartments (APAH), Courthouse Crossings Apartments (APAH), the Maret School (Horizons Program), and Higher Achievement-Alexandria (at Hammond School).

If you’re interested in hosting an off-site program, please contact